Welcome to Learning Disabilities Workshop 2018: Mumbai, India

The entrance hall for LD Workshop 2018 at the Oberoi International School

We are ready to launch the Learning Disabilities Workshop 2018 this morning in Mumbai, India. The workshop grew out of a request from educational professionals and The Next Genuis Foundation in India that we come and provide education on learning differences, educational options, and practical techniques. We have worked with Bass Educational Services, Beacon College, the Gow School, and the Next Genius Foundation (India) to develop the workshop and recruit participants.

The online portal for workshop is here: https://www.ld-workshop.com/


There are 3 components that we are completing before, during, and after the LD Workshop:

1. Visits to Local Mumbai High Schools- Goal to understand education in India to bring back usable knowledge to improve our programming for international students here at Curry.
2. Workshop for Educational Professionals (Heads of School, Inclusion Directors, Teachers, and Guidance Counselors)- Goal to implement sessions that provide cross-cultural understandings that promote support for students with learning differences. The United States Basics of LD: history of inclusion in the US and cultural approach, foundational understanding of learning disabilities, educational approaches for LD, k-12 options, and higher education options and admission. The Indian Basics: parent and family experiences, Indian educational and cultural approach to LD.
3. Family Break-Out Sessions- Goal to provide individualized discussions and resources for families with students who have learning differences.

At at this time, 100 participants are registered, with a waiting list of 35. The house is full and we are actively preparing the certificates of participation. We cannot wait to begin the Learning Disabilities Workshop 2018!

Judy Bass (Bass Educational Services), Doug Cotter (Gow School), Lynn Abrahams (Curry College), and Keith Robichaud (Curry College) signing the certificates of participation

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