Krakow, Poland Main Square


The Main Square in Krakow dates back to the 12th century. This center of Old Town Krakow has been rebuilt many times over history because of invasions and destruction. The current Cloth Hall- the large central building with the multiple arches- was rebuilt in 1555 and was always a central trading place between the East and West. Throughout the Middle Ages, merchants sold goods here and traders brought goods from throughout Europe, Asia, and Persia. This central square has been listed as the best public space in Europe.

Throughout the day, the Main Square bustles with activity, including cafes, public gathering areas, and plump pigeons.


The florist below sells fall bouquets made from leaves and autumn flowers in preparation for All Saint’s Day, when Polish people will visit their relatives’ graves and bring floral tributes.


By night, the Main Square continues to thrive with restaurants, shopping, and gathering.




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