Disabilities in Brazil

To preface the visits we will be making for the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Delegation here in Brazil, some background reading will help frame the context.

You should feel free to skim the following sources to get a sense of the prevalence of and supports available for people with disabilities in Brazil.

Disability in the Brazilian Census

“Bolsa Familia”, another cash benefit poverty reduction program, is referred to in the above report on the BPC. This Wikipedia page describes the Bolsa Familia.

***Thank you to Dr. Margaret Nygren, Executive Director of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, for providing these readings.

Heading to Brazil

Sitting in the plane, heading to Brazil

The plane ride from New York to Sao Paulo should take a little over 9 hours. We are flying overnight and will arrive Sunday morning. I am ready to go and showing my identification badge for the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Delegation. Our Sunday will be spent at cultural programs and Monday we will begin our professional visits. See you in Brazil!